Monopoly houses

Only a handful of moveable property lawyers in NZ’s major centres

Demand is certainly outstripping supply when there are only 69 lawyers in Wellington with known property experience in the most moveable 3-7PQE bracket.

The most sought after practice area in the last year is easily Property, which is not surprising given the recent surge in the property market.  A quick look at Seek shows the huge demand for lawyers with this expertise – but finding those lawyers open to changing roles is proving difficult.

To break it down, our Insource platform shows that Wellington is the shortest market with only 2.4% of their practising 3-7PQE lawyers (the most easily moved lawyers) having some (known) property experience (this includes specialist and generalist lawyers).  In real numbers that is only 69 lawyers.  Auckland has 4.3% (285 lawyers), Hamilton 7.1% (40 lawyers), Christchurch 6.9% (101 lawyers) and Dunedin 7.3% (24 lawyers).   

It has therefore never been more important to start pipelining lawyers who you might want to employ in the future.  Having those conversations early (i.e. 6-18months in advance of a move/need) and keeping the communication open will mean you are not scrambling for talent when you need it most.  Our Insource platform and industry know-how can help you do just that, so get in touch for a free demo and chat about how we can connect the right lawyers to your practice.

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